Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Identity theft is on the rise in the UK

Hi and welcome to Idenity theft UK Blog. The average identity theft in the UK costs the victim £2100 and with more than 100,000 people every year being affected by identity theft, this is a huge problem.

Now I know quite a lot about identity theft and I will be posting things about it and how to avoid it.
But first, did you know that there are websites where people will buy and sell your details?
These sites are full of people buying and selling Credit Card Details, Online Banking Logins, complete information about people. This is big big business and they don't care about who the effect.

Websites are now getting hacked more often with the sole purpose of stealing credit card information. There is one such website that at this moment in time has for sale 70,730 UK Credit and debit card numbers for sale, these include full names addresses card number expiry date the CVV number on the back of the card and some of them will include DOB. all for sale for as little as about £5 .

Do you want one of your cards for sold on a website like that? No didn't think so. Well you need to bookmark this site as tips and ways to stop this happening will be offered to help you combat Identity Fraud press CTRL+B to bookmark the page.

So before I go today lets leave you with a tip. Always, and I mean always check your credit and debit card statements as soon as you receive them for unauthorised transactions. If you spot any contact your bank straight away and start a claim to get the money back.

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